Reluctant Seductions: The Red Light Stories, a collection by Anthony Doyle

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Anthony Doyle’s poetry collection, Reluctant Seductions: The Red Light Stories, is a magnificent example of everything free verse poetry should be: powerful, emotive and thought-provoking. He quickly ensnares the reader in the steamy and erotic exchanges of a poet and his muse, evoking excitement with every piece. We follow his characters through all the ups and downs of human relationships in a sensual and intriguing world, crafted skilfully using vivid language and a spartan structure. Along the way he brazenly and unapologetically explores the ways we embrace, deny or justify indulging in the taboo, such as adultery and BDSM. Simply put, I loved it!

I must mention, in the edition I read, there were a number of areas where I stumbled over the verse on account of what appeared to be proof-reading errors. However, the author has been made aware of this and was taking corrective steps. That minor issue aside, I strongly recommend Reluctant Seductions to lovers of free verse, emotion and sensuality. This is a collection of poetry that can be enjoyed most especially in solitude, or with a romantic partner.

Many thanks to Anthony Doyle for providing me with a copy so I could share my thoughts on his work! You can get your own copy through Amazon.

Amanda King, Jan. 2022
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Softcover provided by author for review purposes.