Summer Update

WOW! Hard to believe so much time has gone by since the COVID-19 shut down kicked in, even harder to believe how busy I’ve been since that happened. I realize I have neglected the updates to this site terribly since March, but hopefully I can turn that around here.

I’ve published reviews for two awesome new books in that time. You can check them out here:

There may occasionally be differences in the “star rating” between this page and my reviews posted on Reedsy Discovery. When this occurs, it is simply because I am unable (or perhaps haven’t figured out) how to give half-star increments on Reedsy.

In addition, I spent a hefty chunk of time brushing up on stock trading strategies before I decided to begin a new business venture: ROBOTS! Bringing in skills from my fashion design and heavy duty mechanic trades, and tying it all together with my fascination with technology, I’ve begun R&D work on an inspection robot geared for the Canadian market. Stay tuned for updates.

As much as some people have really struggled with the COVID-19 situation, I’ve been fortunate to be able to use the time to my advantage. Here’s hoping we can get through 2020 without a full out apocalypse!