Progression of Projects

I am pleased to share that the revision for my first full-length novel is progressing well, if slowly. The first time doing anything is always the greatest challenge, since as much or more time is spent figuring out what (and how) things need to be done as is spent doing them. The process is immensely enjoyable though – slowly polishing the prose until it accurately reflects the tale that has dominated my thoughts over the last year is uniquely satisfying.

I have had to make some hard decisions about how I divide my time between my various obligations though. One of those decisions is that I will no longer be writing book reviews. My final review is drafted (just awaiting final revision), but my writing time now needs to be dedicated to completing my own projects rather than merely critiquing others.

I’d like to thank all those who have been following my reviews. I hope you have gleaned some benefit from them, and that I will see you again as I release my own work for your consumption in coming years. I hope you will allow me to stay in touch by signing up for my mailing list, where you will receive updates and special offers not available elsewhere.