Creation in Times of Panic

One might think with the world in lock down over COVID-19, being confined for an extended period would enable great progress in writing and other creative projects. Since finishing my latest stint at school, I have made some headway:

  • Review for “Kelly’s Curse” launched on Reedsy Discovery March 19, 2020
  • Digital release of my first flash fiction story “Deals in the Dark” available for FREE for a limited time
  • Cover design and copy editing of the same story
  • Significant development of this website
  • A half dozen new short story projects as well as two revisions underway

Yet for the amount of time confined at home, this truly seems a paltry list of accomplishments. Truth be told, the general public anxiety due to these unprecedented times is palpable even within the confines and security of my home office. I have spent more time in front of the television trying to block out worry and uncertainty than I have taken the opportunity to develop my craft and content. I wonder how many are contending with a similar loss of concentration? I imagine quite a few.

If nothing else, recent events have created the opportunity for many people to scrutinize their lives. If you are one of the millions who have been working from home, do you love it or hate it? Are you more determined to start that small business you’ve been dreaming about, or realizing the challenges of self-motivation perhaps aren’t for you? How will you restructure your life and priorities when things get back to normal? Will you wait for normalcy before you commit to productivity? Just a few questions worth pondering.