Welcome to the shadowed forest that is the mind of Amanda King – author and artist. I have arranged this site so that paid content is contained within my shop, whereas all other content is readily available for your viewing pleasure.

As you browse you will be able to see a showcase of my somewhat eclectic collection of creative pursuits, and will likely notice I have a tendency to express the darker side of the world. Some of this is fiction, some opinion, and some fact. I will make an effort to segregate any really disturbing content so as not to have it sneak up on the unprepared, but that’s as much of a “trigger warning” as I can promise.

Until recently, I spent a significant portion of my writing time providing book reviews for Reedsy Discovery, and by author request. You can check out my full back list of reviews here. I can say with certainty that writing reviews helped my own fiction by allowing me the opportunity to read with a critical eye, but I am content to put that work behind me for now.

2020 provided enough unexpected hairpin turns in the road of my life to illuminate the importance of sharing fiction after my own style. Consequently, I currently have more projects nearing completion, or out on submission than at any other time in my life. Of course, this has kept me engrossed in creating rather than site upkeep, so little of my new content has filtered out here…yet. Since my focus this year is on submitting pieces for publication, I can’t claim that situation likely to change soon, but until I find the publishers that jive with my work, I will continue a slow trickle of self-publishing going.

I have opened my content to critique through comments this year, and for anyone eager to get the absolute latest news on current projects, I just launched a FREE mailing list. Subscribers will get first access to new artwork and self-published stories, as well as monthly updates about larger projects, and exclusive discounts. I hope these new changes will make it easier for us to connect!

Thank you for taking the time to wander through these eerie woods!


Amanda, September 2021

P.S. You can now find me on Instagram, TikTok and Goodreads in addition to Facebook and Twitter.

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